The smart cleansing water, nowhere else in the world

One of our most requested products of all time: the multi-tasking, multi-talented Beauty Water! A cleanser, a toner, and a mild exfoliator all in one, the Son & Park Beauty Water will be your skin's new best friend. A wonderful mix of lavender water, rose water and orange fruit extract (yes, it smells as amazing as you think!)

“The very first thing actress or models do as soon as they arrive at studios is to return their skin to the perfectly clean condition for successful make-up.
After removing dead skin cells or impurities such as cleansing residue, it is important to have toning work and to provide moisture for easy make-up process in the next step. 
There was no such a product that can complete all the process at once. I made this unique product by selecting the best ingredients for my own skin. 
The Son&Park Beauty Water is neither a toner nor a cleaner. It is something more than them. We call this Beauty Water.”


Its natural ingredients make your skin look lively and energetic with no irritation.

 - Its natural ingredients obtained from coconut, corn, potato and wheat perfectly remove the dirtiness from skin.Exfoliating - Its willow bark and papaya ingredients remove unnecessary dead skin cells for clean skin.Moisturizing - Owing to the moisturizing effect of around 20 types of vegetable ingredient, skin gets moist and flexible.


Suggested Use

After taking the contents on a cotton ball, smoothly wipe the face from the center to the outside, and then let skin absorb it.
- When you feel like wiping your face in flight during long hours of trip
- In the morning, wash your face with Beauty Water for baby face, instead of using soap.
- Boosting effect by using it as a toner before skin care
- When wiping off residue after the use of sheet pack or massage
- When aiming to simply refresh your face anytime during a day

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