[Neogen] Probiotics Relief Toning Pad (50pcs)

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Probiotic toning pad that thoroughly fills the elasticity of moisture and moisturizes it tightly, and soothes the skin texture that is dry and smoothly fills the rough skin
Optimization of the weakly acidic skin environment

Suggested Use
Embo Side - After cleansing, gently wipe the areas like T-zone and nose areas with dead skin cells with the embossed side of the pad.
Smooth Side - Swipe again with a soft side of the pad all over the face except for the eye and lip area to refine skin texture.
I'm losing firmness and elasticity :( 

Amazing Probiotics Shield

#Calming & Tightening Pad

Probiotics Relief Toning Pad


Hydrate and Firming Care that quenches extremely dry skin

Probiotics Toning Pad provides skin with hydration and firmness to soothe dry skin and smooth out uneven texture

STEP 01 Embossed Side
Sweep over areas like nose, forehead, chin or other specific areas as necessary

STEP 02 Smooth Side
Gently sweep over entire face

 1. Calming & Firming Care

Boosts hydration and firms skin to soothe the appearance of rough skin into a smoother texture

2. Probiotics Skin Mantle

Probiotics supports to visibly improve and firm skin texture

3. Healthy & Balanced Skincare

Optimizes skin to its best pH level- slightly acidic- for a healthy skinbiome (skin condition.)

4. Boosts your skin condition

Infused with more than 100,000ppm of Rice Ferment Filtrate made by fermenting rice, this compressed facial pad helps smooth and promote a glowing skin and improves the absorption of next skincare products by removing all makeup residues. 

Improves overall skin health, which helps to protect against environmental aggressors and support the skin into a healthier complexion.



Probiotics is derived from the process of fermenting or dissolving, not a live cell of Lactic acid bacteria, and includes Lactobacillus Ferment Lystate, Bifida Ferment Lysate, and Streptococcus Thermophilus Ferment. 

*The above information is based on properties of the ingredients only

Helps skin maintain a slightly acidic pH level of 5.5~6.5 and helps balance and protect skin barrier.


✓Help improve skin texture by lightly cleansing and sweeping

✓Help form a firm probiotics protective layer

✓Help soothe irritated skin from environmental aggressors

✓Help improve rough and dry skin into a smoother texture

✓Helpfully eliminate makeup residues and impurities  after cleansing


After cleansing, take one pad and sweep across the face while avoiding the eyes. Gently sweep away across the neck along the texture of the skin and lightly tap to absorb the remaining essence.


> Store the product upright.

> After use, press the middle of the inner cover and close the product.

> Firmly press the middle to seal completely.






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