[Laneige] Lip Sleeping Mask-Apple Lime 20g




Special care using Lip Sleeping Mask!

The sleeping wrapping technology keeps the lips moisturized overnight by holding skin purification factors with the hyaluronic acid mineral network


1. Berry Mix Complex™

- Berry extracts rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants act on dry, rough lips, making them smooth and supple.



- Hyaluronic acid mineral network forms a moisturizing film to help lock-in active ingredients and the skin to absorb and retain moisture through the night.


3. 4 kinds of sweet and fruity berry fragrance

- Berry : Sweet and relaxing fragrance that smells so delicious, it reminds you of real berries. - Grapefruit : The sweet and sour Grapefruit Citrus fragrance. - Apple Lime : The fresh Citrus Green Apple Lime fragrance reminds you one of fresh apples - Vanilla : The sweet Vanilla fragrance reminds you one of warm, soft, sweet vanilla whipping cream.


Suggested Use

1. Before going to bed, apply a liberal amount with the spatula.

※ Effect: Melts stubborn dead skin cells and provides abundant moisture to skin during nighttime.

2. The next morning, gently wipe skin clean with tissue or cotton pad.

※ Effect: Makes the lips smooth and elastic by removing dead skin cells.



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