[LANEIGE] Layering Lip Bar


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Layering Lip Bar contains 6 colors in 1 lipstick 
creating full lips with natural gradation by a single touch

#Realvolume #singletouch #6colors

6 layering colors for real voluminous lips by a single touch

 1.you can get 6 layering colors by a single touch,Real natural gradation made of 6 colors

 2.Intense color payoff,Bold colors with a wide range of shades (6 layers x 20 colors)

3.High-adherence texture,Instant adherence for a perfect looking voluminous lips with 6 colors,Multi-layered Pigment,Multi-layered pigments and ultra micronized pigments (UMP) offer intense colors and long-lastingness.,Volumizing Resin

• High-viscosity volumizing resin creates a dewy radiant gloss for lips that look natural yet full

• Color contrast from 6 finely-divided spectrum for a visual volumizing effect

Fitting Glow Texture

Smaller than normal lipstick particles, the short cubic crystals adhere fully and firmly to the lips giving a lightweight and comfortable feel

Moisture Wrap™

LANEIGE’s original moisturizing technology Moisture Wrap™, a dense layer of beta-glucan moisture containing active ingredients of hydro ion mineral water, evening primrose root extract and hunza apricot extract offers deep hydration and comfortable feel to the skin when used for long hours

Layering Lip Bar - Matte

#ComfyMatte #BlurringEffect #LipBlurring

Matte Lip Bar with intense colors that adheres firmly to the lips offering a soft matte finish ,True Pigment


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