[Goodal] Youth Firming Cream 50ml


Those looking for a cream to improve fine wrinkles.
Those with dehydrated skin.

3 types of Amino Acid (Glycine + Hydroxyproline + Proline) : provide collagen.
Catechin: helps stabilize collagen structure.

Obtained certification from France EVE VEGAN.
Vegan Liposome: ensures delivery of plant-based substances to your skin cell.
-By powerfully delivering the patented apricot collagen made of 70% apricot extract of Yeongcheon, Gyeongbuk to skin with the vegan liposome method from instant elasticity to 4-week elasticity improvement
-The combination of 3 essential amino acids found in apricots making up collagen, catechin as the key anti-oxidant ingredient, and plant-based vegan collagen provides elasticity care filled with Special Collagen, which is certified by France's Eve Vegan
-Elasticity cream to provide smooth and plump vitality just like the apricot fruit with velvety-soft texture applied with good adhesion

Suggested Use
1. Apply an appropriate amount evenly onto skin as the last step of skin care routine.
2. Pat gently for better absorption.

Key Ingredients
We have developed apricot collagen available only at goodal, which provides perfect elasticity improvement by optimally blending clean plant-based vegan-certified collagen with plump apricots having high anti-oxidant effect as they are rich in catechins. (Patent application for the raw material)

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