[Dr.Jart+]Dermask Water Jet Clearing Hydra Solution Deep Hydration 25g




  • An Ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask for whitening and soothing.


  • Formulated with glutathione, aloe vera, and phytoncide to brighten the complexion, soothe sensitive skin, and provide intensive hydration.
  • Clarifying sheet mask infused with Clearing Solution Complex - a specially designed blend with Niacinimide, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, and Salicylic Acid - for oilier skin. 

    Formulated for oily complexions with a blend of Dr.Jart+'s Clearing Solution Complex to help provide soothing moisture to the skin.

    The result:  Hydrated, bright, and healthier-looking skin in 15 minutes

    Single-use, Ultra-fine, Microfiber Sheet


  • How to use:
    1. After washing your face, prep your skin with skin toner.
    2. Take out the sheet mask and remove the film.
    3. Place it onto your face.
    4. Leave it for 10-20 minutes and remove the sheet mask.
    5. Gently pat to let the skin absorb the remaining essence.

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